As most fans are already aware, Balky's sophmore, full-length studio album, Odie's Resolves, has been plagued with delays. However, Zac still insists that the project will be finished this summer... just late in the season rather than early. After months of time consuming auditions, the Balky boys have finally settled on a new and improved lineup of musicians to help them carry out what Zac has called, "An ambitious sonic endeavor...especially for a mountain-pop group." When probbed to speak in regards to Balky's stylistic transformation, Zac added, "I started this band hoping we could be The Sex Pistols of bluegrass music...in a way, I believe we achieved that on APPLE'S DECREE. Things have changed so much over the past four years: I watched two amazing guitarists swap their axes for a banjo and a bass because they believed so whole-heartedly in this Mountain-Pop vision...I successfully recruited a Broadway theater veteran to jump on board, after convincing her that family harmonies are the most powerful weapon that one can wield on the modern musical battlefield...craziest of all, I managed to write over 200 songs in a genre that exists technically, but not officially. Having come this far, my initial goals are no longer a suitable match for our band's potential...we aim to stray even further from traditional bluegrass with a darker strain of organic, mountain-pop. The time has come to fuse that epic element into the music...HUGE hooks crashing against dueling male/female vocal lines...powerful...contageous. Memorable songs are nice...BUT I need mine to be unforgettable." In a nutshell, Zac has definately given us great expectations for this summer's pending release, ODIE'S RESOLVE!